Your LinkedIn Profile Status Bar – Tips For Job Seekers

I would like to use status updates effectively to enable job seekers to find new employees in LinkedIn. When developing a strategy, you can fall into one of two categories.

1. I am currently hired. (In this case, the employer may not know that you are looking for a job.)

2. Currently unemployed. (In this situation, I do not desperately want to hear that you are leaving the world.)

Write a word in the title before you talk about the status bar. Have strong headlines and have great marketing tools. Perhaps you have mentioned in your title that you are a job seeker or open to new opportunities.

For the purpose of this article, it is assumed that the headings are all set. Now go to the status bar:

If you are currently hired …

Never be afraid! Use your LinkedIn profile to make you stand out. Fortunately, the recruiter does not explore the unemployed profile. They have a tradition of tempting them to find people who are completely happy and moved to another place!

Do you have any good news? Your task is simple. Just write a great profile. Update your status bar with interesting business news to attract potential customers. Be attentive or let your boss know that you are doing a great job where you are. By default, the recruiter is listed as & # 39; Be careful when searching through LinkedIn!

The boss never needs to know.

If you are currently unemployed …

Keep your language positive and attractive. Important: You do not have to say anything to find work in the status bar! If you just went to a meeting or are researching the latest trends in the field, let me know! Example:

… I am reading aloud about health care reform debates and stimulus issues.

This job seeker shows someone who thinks there is a current problem in their field. She can put herself on the market in that way.

To write that you are looking for a position:

… enjoying acting in her first theatrical production! [Why would you have this update posted for 12 days (at least)? What about your job search?]

… I am looking for a job in IT. [boring and too broad]

… I would appreciate your help. [desperate?]

1 month ago [update please?]

… 3 months ago [really. Update. Please?]

I have been looking for a full time HR Manager from

… Boston area. [If your headline is strong, this update will be a nice complement and will present itself as an opportunity for recruiters!]

… actively networking and providing research opportunities to established and growing architectural practices. [This one shows you are doing your part to create a great position for yourself, without looking like you need help or are desperate for work.]

I'm going to try the trick but not actually try it. [19659002] Next accountant looking for a good chance!

Here are some hopelessness. A "good opportunity" is one that you may not land in the way you want to land. In particular, there is an exclamation point at the end. Use your * headline * to describe what distinguishes you from all other accountants. Describe what type of location you are looking for in your status bar, what size company you are targeting, or activities related to your daily business.

There is a good line between passion and despair. Make sure the person with the eye of the expert is on your line.

The timing is all!

Make sure that no matter what the update is, it has not been more than 2 days! How would you respond if you are recruiting and someone else's status has been updated for a month? Or even two weeks? How do I know what their current status is?

If you do not want to update your profile every few days, we recommend that you do not use the status bar. In summary information, keep what you are doing and make it look as if it were ignored.


Please keep specific. Keep it positive. Keep it up to date.

Get professional support for your LinkedIn profile. It makes a difference.

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