What is Your Definition of Success?

Do you know that the more success you feel now, the more success you will experience later? What did you always want to do but did not have time to do? For example, surfing, cooking classes attended, photography classes. Think funny and childish things and think about things that are not related.

I think you have spent many years in pursuing knowledge and education while focusing on your career. There are parts that you are neglecting and crying to attract attention now. So I do not always want to ask what I want to do. That part of you is crying to hear.

You can call in deep places of wealth and create a wonderful life. That wealth is part of the fullness of who you are. Being full of who you are is crucial to your success. Success is not a partial or compartmentalized phenomenon, but we all treat it like that.

Everyone wants to be successful. Success is coded in our DNA. One of the critical human desires is the need for our creativity and importance in personality. The need for meaning makes us pursue success. But in the pursuit of success, something is misinterpreted. The point is that success is already ours. It is not something we do not want to follow. Instead, it is already ours because it is coded in each cell of our body.

Therefore, our goal is to pursue success, not pursue.

I will redefine success. If you find "success" in the dictionary, you will find the definition of acquiring wealth, location, honor, and so on. What is missing from this definition?


What comes from our mind is the definition of success, including wealth and honor, but not "happiness." Maybe that's why you felt unfinished in your "successful" job. Our entire education system and socialization is to achieve success, wealth, status and honor. Now your happiness demands some space in your life.

Did you know that happy people can earn a million dollars over their lifetime than unhappy people? Marci Schimoff teaches that "Happy without reason for happiness" is a habit that happiness is worth creating. Some people are naturally happy and others are not happy. You can develop a habit that helps you to make more happiness in your life. When you focus on making more happiness in your life, you will also find that you are making more money.

In this way, a knight in unconscious shining armor was waiting for him to ride on the white horse, and "never" he came. You thought your job, your partner, your car, your accomplishment was your "knight".

Well, I have a breaking news for you. "He" does not come. But you still get the white horse! Aside from that, you are riding into your life on your white horse and you have not known it for a long time. You are your own hero!

I thought that men would be very satisfied when they could care for their family. And so it was. But the satisfaction grew, and it was still ambiguous. Now what? Your boy is not tied to how much money you are making. I'll promise. This is a myth that men share. You are much more precious to your family and children than how much money you make. You are much more precious to yourself than how much money you make.

So take time to redefine success for yourself. Include in the definition of success play and laughter. Take happiness in it. Including the content of the feeling and was satisfied with it. This is how you gain and create abundance. And finally enjoy the success now! Afterwards.

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