What is Success? The Definition, Interpretation, and Advice on How to Achieve Success

Do you want to succeed? Do you know what that means? Today's success is measured by many individual standards and is not measured by any uniform standards. Many times, individuals do not know how successful they will be until they achieve some level of success. And Johnny's measure of success will be a million dollars and it will be the home of the Hampton. Jimmy's success measure is his wife, two children, a Scruffy dog, a house on a dead end. If so, who will tell you? How can you succeed in that matter?

Well, first we will look at the definition of success and proceed from there. Encarta Dictionary: English (North American Version) describes success as:

Success – suc-cess (noun) the achievement of the intention; Accomplishment of something

Plan or try.

Everything we do and want to achieve by that definition is success. So I go out and pick up the trash in the yard and accomplish it. I was successful by justice, right! Perhaps by definition. But by modern standards and interpretations; I will not be regarded as a man who has succeeded in doing such an atrocity.

Modern and Americanized versions of the definition of success (by interpretation) generally mean: By modern standards, I may not be considered a success if I can not earn wealth and power and earn fame and reputation. These are some of the factors that lead us to success.

I will submit that a concise definition of success can never be formulated. Why? Because everyone seems to have their version of justice, they must do so. Without a yacht, a house on the lake, a million dollars, a riding mower, I can not consider myself a success. Your definition of success can be more extensive or simpler. You can not think of yourself as a success unless you have a home in the suburbs, a working car, a good job, and a loving family.

Whatever your personal definition of success is. There is usually one common denominator. Happiness! What gives you happiness? I suggest that you will succeed if you are truly happy in your life. Without happiness, we can not succeed.

So how do you achieve success? You start by knowing exactly what makes you happy. Find what you want in life. This life will be a wonderful life for you. Then you get it. That's it! You find a way to get it, and you do.

In this great nation, everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve success. As long as you are willing to achieve success, you have a chance to do so. Success is achieved through a strong mind.

Now, success is: I will do my best to you.

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