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A company called "Made for Success" asked a question. What is success? So, join me in pursuing this question in this short essay I am getting into philosophy.

Success was an elusive term from the beginning of time. Men and women pursued a way to be happy and accomplished according to age groups. At the same time, they tried to decide to feel like they were successful. Some have defined success on their own, others have been content to define success in others or in society. We generally agree that "success" is defined by the individual or group seeking it.

Do you have an objective definition of success? I think there are some common principals that are seen through history measuring true success. I would like to give you some principals who believe that you, your family, and your career will help you think about the subject.

Before I start, I would like to say that I am excited about the direction many recent successes have taken. I do not agree with every point of view, but I am happy to focus on calling life a success like family, health, spirituality. Success literature that focuses on financial wealth and only gains material possessions is not truly successful literature in the broadest sense of the term. Financial success is good, but it is clearly not the final measure of accomplished life.

To truly understand success, we must first understand human nature. I believe you will agree that humans are essentially in triple-cuts. It consists of three parts: the body, the soul (mind, emotion, will) and the Holy Spirit (the part of us). It is beyond the body.) In order to achieve a balance of life and achieve true success, special attention must be paid to each area.

In the past, success has been measured as a fundamental core of measurable goals. Every goal is fine in and of itself, but it is enough to accomplish a person by itself. Some of these are:

Money. Money accumulation is always human pursuit. The more money you have, the more reliable you can be. And yet many who have accomplished this goal have looked back on our rest and did not warn that it was all broken down. Now, do not be wrong with me. Money is not a bad thing. Many people misquote the New Testament. "Money is the root of all evil." In fact, NT said "love for money is the source of all kinds of evil." Money is neutral. It is not for people to allow money. So it may be good to pursue money in the right mind.

Power. As with money, power is also high on the list of success goals. And just like money, power is neither good nor good, depending on the uses that people receive. Power can be good whether it is political or untitled. If you get strength, if you are good at it, it is good.

Happiness. This is almost entirely subjective and usually involves one or all of the other success goals. People define their version of success and pursue it. It usually means sense of accomplishment and peace.

Freedom. Freedom as an individual or as a group was rightly the pursuit of justice and justice. America is wrong, but still a model of freedom. This is why millions of people all over the world come to America and other great democratic countries for a long time. As individuals, they want to be able to choose their destiny, get up every day, do what they want, and oppose what somebody else chooses.

A healthy relationship. It is not living alone in life. We are in a lot of relationships from very privileged people to the most intimate people. Agree that your relationship is not good. Nothing can bring people faster or longer than causing problems in precious relationships. But millions of people have realized that pursuing some goals has harmed their personal relationships. This is what John R. O & Neil calls "the paradox of success."

Health. The joy of success is not the joy of success, but the experience. It is the fruit of your conscious knowledge of success, the success that brings you accomplishment. If you are not healthy, you will have little success. Your health is probably the most valuable of all your possessions. Without it, you can not enjoy your other possessions.

Relationship with God. For most people, eternal questions are important. Even the most important. Certainly we live in this world much longer than we do in this world! The belief in God and his understanding of his ways has long been the pursuit and goal of men, regardless of age, nationality, race or gender.

So, how can you sum it all up? What is success? Is this one of the above? Everyone? Others? I have found that it helps to understand the concept of success. It is the Hebrew word "Shalom". Most people have heard that the word is interpreted as "peace" and what it actually means in a simple definition. But understanding the word peace for those who originally used it has a very broad meaning. When someone said "shalom" to you, they were ringing peace in all areas of your life. They mean success to you. It has integrated all areas of your life. It means the whole.

So what is your success? "

So what is your success?"

So what is your success? It is full in all areas of your life. Achieving more than one realm hits more than one realm. This is not a balance and does not bring peace.

Everything made for success is to challenge and encourage true success and peace in all areas of your life. That's why you're looking for articles on a wide variety of topics. Articles about health, finance, spirituality, relationships, etc. will fill the page over the coming months. I hope you find this helpful.

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