What Does The "S" In Success Mean To You?

I say that Maxwell Maltz read "Psycho Cybernetics" and "s" of success means "sense of direction." What does it mean to you?

Direction for success

I think most people want to know the way if they have a direction to succeed. The other day I was listening to one of my co-founders and said there was no sense of direction. It is a term used when someone is well aware of directions. He knew how his dad could visit him and get through the area better than he did, and lived there for a few years. To give someone a better "sense of direction" is usually that the person is very visual. They are more memorable than the more athletic people seeing them around. Dave means more exercise, "feeling" rather than "seeing". What Maxwell Malts says is that you need a "sense of direction" in your life to make your life a success. Do you have a goal or purpose? Do you know where you are going or will you go to work every day? Do you go to sleep at home and come back to work the next day? Is it the way to go in life? I know I have heard all we have to do. Go to college, get a good job, take care of your family, and throw away your money for retirement. Then we will be able to get to a certain age, retire, and actually start what you want in your life. Sounds like a good plan for you.

What has been successful with you?

Ask 10 people what success means. They will all give you another answer. We must be that way because we are all unique people. Themes can be similar. Some people believe that if you have a good job, a good house, a good car and children are at least reasonably happy. You are successful. So what does "S" mean? Some people will say that you "succeeded" in what you sold for. Are you successful even if you fail to do something? They say that the only real failure is not trying at all. So if you try and fail, is it still successful? At first my youngest son went to college in California. After finishing his first year, he left college and moved to Los Angeles. He has been doing this for more than five years. He has a small part, but nothing remarkable. He appeared in several big movies. He was around the big star back as a background actor. Then does he mean he can not succeed? He has not yet achieved the goal, but he certainly gave me a lot of assurance that I insisted on it and did not have to give up. Do you succeed when you do not give up? Are you giving up looking for an online business? Finally, do you want to crack?

What the "S" of success means

Super duper. I'm kidding. it is not so. I think I should remember what success can mean than to think that sense of direction is a good place to start. If you do not know where you want to go, you really can not go. Because many people have not been taught or have never heard of setting goals, many people seem to be wandering around aimlessly to find out what life is. How is your sense of accomplishment? How about dedicated feelings? How is your feeling of urgency?

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