The Secret to Success Is Failure

"Only those who do not dare to be bold can achieve it."

John F Kennedy.

The nature of failure can be explored in one path. And I learn to thank my age quote. "I fell seven times and climbed eight times."

Success is a series of failures. But nobody believes, experiences, or wants to talk about it.

We think that if we ignore this "fact of life", we will disappear somehow. Or "It just will not happen to me." When I talk about the road to success, I listen carefully to successful people. I have never heard that one person does not challenge or fail. However, almost everyone mentions this experience from time to time in their lives and very quickly identifies "challenges, frustrations, failures" on their path and goes straight to the "good part" of the successes they are experiencing now. Why do they do this? People do not want to focus on failure and want to hear, so people want to hear about success. No one wants to hear that they must "fail" themselves before they experience success. you? I do not. But I want to hear the truth rather than fantasy with a spoon. This important success factor is minimized and underestimated by the importance, importance and coreity as a stepping stone to actual success, because there is no popularity for "challenge, frustration, failure"!

Due to our school education and years of doctrine, we have an unbelievably low tolerance for mistakes. As a school child, we have learned that mistakes are bad and 100% satisfaction on the exam is recommended. If a mistake is missing a context that is considered a learning opportunity, it will be marked as failed. Our educational system taught us how to memorize facts and counteract them. Perhaps it is not so bad as a measure of memorizing ability. However, this kind of learning is not very effective in a constantly changing real world where memorized facts can hardly produce the results you are looking for. The actual process of accomplishing anything involves trial and error, and mistakes in the process are very common.

A classic example of this is inventor Thomas Edison. Depending on what light source you are looking at, I have tried about 1,000 light bulbs to invent (which is relatively unrelated to this day!). When the reporter asked why he failed several times, he replied. (I failed here.) "I have never failed and taught me how to make each test unsuccessful! Great!"

I have another bonus material from the Academy Award winning movie "Beautiful Heart" In an article on "Making a Movie, A Beautiful Mind," the author discusses how he literally rewrote scene 75. Each rewrite has fewer words until he finally gets it again The scene tears every time you cry in just a few seconds, but you will never know the extra trial and error that has been done since you created the scene.

Now look at these two examples. They are all successful people: one as an inventor and the other as a writer. They are experienced in the field of work and the path to success is filled with failed attempts. Think of it as a sign of a true expert when creating or involving a new person.

One of my favorite tutors is T. Harv Eker ("I do not think it's true"), Peak Potentials Training "and" The Secret of the Millionaire's Secrets. "He says he has failed 17 other businesses before he became a millionaire by looking for his niche." Every owner was once a disaster, "he said. This makes it very clear that everyone is actually proficient C. He also refers to things such as "the fastest mistake", "the one who fails quickly", and "the person who corrects and continues." All these statements will be experienced when we deal with the path and passion of life Indicates an inevitable learning process.

Now that I have "amended and continued" and "I had enough opportunities to participate in the learning process, I can write about this issue with some privileges." I experienced numerous "failures" along the way of life, and to be honest, they felt as if they had failed. It really depends on understanding and perspective, and we gain over time. Today, I can see how all these experiences have contributed to my way of life and created who I am. Here is a list of my "failures" and past learning opportunities. There are several ways to start an internet dot com, network marketing, real estate investment, stock market investment, innovative business leadership, buying a small business, creating a small business, authoring (eg using the writing path several times), lifelong coaching, relationships and engagements.

Humans love the excitement of diverse and challenging experiences. Some of us will be satisfied with a boring and simple life that does not involve any of the pain associated with growth. What we want is to avoid difficulties, pain, and suffering. But what we really want is the power to come whatever, including great challenges, pain, and suffering. Find yourself now. What do you really want without pain, pain or challenge? Or what is the power to be? It looks deeply connected to your heart – which location is more powerful? What do people sympathize with living well? What is more sympathetic to the truth of the path than the hopeful fantasy? If we allow ourselves to see deeply, what we want is to be the courage they can experience. The container must be large enough to accommodate and experience without diminishing. It is normal to avoid the painful experience and hope to escape from life, but there is a greater opportunity – and what I can say, to embrace and allow the reality of the path, so that when they appear (ie they will do so) You can have experience. This is true freedom and true freedom is the true power to create.

Try this:

Make a big and long list of disappointments in your life, one by one of them – all the "failing" lists. (Creating a list creates freedom and movement in your life.) Congratulations! Think of all the lessons this experience has made for you. Know that your experience is better prepared than ever and ready to succeed! Now burn the list and solve negative judgments that you may still have about the experiences, and let them truly step into the evolutionary path of success. You have fallen seven times and now go up eight times.

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