The Protean Career Path

What is a career?

Certainly jobs are related to getting a job and sometimes involve moving between jobs, places, responsibilities and levels of challenge. But career means more.

Protean Career

Protean Career

A person in Greek mythology who can change the look of fire, lion, dragon tree, etc. Douglas T Hall used this mythical figure to describe the term Protestant career. The essence of this idea is that there are much more jobs than increasing the hierarchy of the organization.

A PROTENTANT career is a process managed by a person, not an organization. Education, training in various organizations, and changes in occupied areas.

A career in proletenance does not happen to people in an organization. Protean's own personal career choice and self-fulfillment search are integrated or integrated elements in their lives. The criteria for success is internal, not external, (psychological success).

From this perspective, career is a series of ongoing events, some of which have little or no relevance to money or reputation. Also, according to this view, a job is extended throughout the entire work life. What happens in a year or a company is only a small piece of a rich profession mosaic. Finally, it depends on the individual whether or not the career has been successful. If people are satisfied with their careers, how can they say the career is a failure?

Do you award a Protean career track at a scientific institution?

One frightening question for some experts is that some academic institutions ignore certain work habits and in essence, many skilled and talented professionals deny their right to academic recognition of their abilities. Asia-Europe University, an award-winning professional based on internal experience, using the internally recognized APEL method. Please visit for more information.

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