The Difference Between Dreams and Success

The paradox of success and engagement is that it is a journey and a destination.

A dream is to look at what can be your life. Success is when your dreams take action and are revealed in your life. Success is to pursue your passion from the field of dream to the realm of reality.

Maybe now life can be frustrated. I know I have to live more lives than I am now, but I'm not sure exactly what it is.

You know that you can be something bigger. But you can not be sure what it is or how it happens. Maybe you feel you do not have enough money, education or time. Maybe you are too tired of the promise to say "you suck your life" rather than "give you energy". Maybe you have no disruption to your daily routine or you may be craving some kind of work and rescue. But how do you know what to do if you do not know what you want?

The first step in bringing dreams to success is knowing what you want.

Just knowing what you do not want is not enough. Do not misunderstand me. It is great to know what you do not want. But if you do not add the other side of the coin you will see there is something you do not want. Now turn the coin over and see what you want. Focus your time, energy, interests and intentions there.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr said, "I have a dream." He not only dreamed but had a plan to fulfill his dream. He delivered his vision for the future.

What you want is vision.

Changing your dreams is a powerful vision. What did success look like? Feel it really, and smell it, seeing it in full 3-D technicolor. Use all your senses.

Your vision is BIG picture. Your true north. It is a form of reference point that you will take your other bearings. It is your anchor to the sea of ​​variables. It is your constant.
You can record, record, and draw your vision to music. Do whatever you can to materialize from your thoughts. If you have a vision and can touch it on a daily basis, you have exponentially increased your chances of setting goals as a step toward achieving that goal.

Stop! Do not skip this step.

Setting a goal without vision can lead you in the wrong direction at least twice at a time. First, create a vision, write or build a vision, and then plan the goals that guide you in the direction of your vision. Any set of goals will look around in circles or get lost in their passion and joy.

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