Redefining Failures – The Concept of Success Vs Failure

Success / failure is one of the most frequently used terms in business scenarios. There are many articles / books about success / failure. To me, most people do not provide a precise definition of the meaning of success / failure. Now it is time to dig out the source of success / failure and let it work for you.

There is literally no success / failure. Success / failure is merely a concept of the mind. It is called success if we exercise as we want. We call failure if things do not work out the way we wanted.

If success / failure is a concept of the mind, how are they affecting our minds? In most cases, success brings great joy / happiness to your heart. Failure tears are pain / sadness in your heart. If we think more deeply about our thoughts, we will actually realize that we are toward success and happiness toward success.

If happiness is what we are looking for, which of these will give you more happiness? Is it an act or an act? For example, if you say you have a delicious apple in your hand – it will give you more joy: a) eating an apple, b) achieving the same as eating an apple. Certainly, "eating an apple" will give you great pleasure.

So when someone next said, "You failed your trip to Mount Everest". The problem is not important. Success / failure is merely a concept of the mind and I enjoyed the activity of climbing Mount Everest. It is the intent, the intensity of the approach, the action that is more important than the outcome.

If you take that approach in every walk of your life, you will do your best to accomplish something special. You are more intense and sharp than ever before, and you will not have fear of success / failure. During the race, you can do better if you focus on running rather than running. Do not worry about success / failure and keep running the path you choose without worrying about output. I will do better than ever.

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