Pros and Cons of a Career in Architecture


You can do what you like

Architecture is passion. Becoming an architect is for those who can not imagine doing something else. If you are a perfectionist and you like creativity, architecture may be for you. You can also create realistic types of things, which is very satisfying. Express your self through your profession and realize your vision.

You have a lot of other things

You will never be bored as an architect. Projects are complex and do all the work. Also, the field of architecture is always changing. Trends and technology are constantly evolving. You have to develop your expertise to maintain your current state, but it always means learning.

Architectural problems

You are making a difference with architecture. You can not cure cancer, but it provides a safe and healthy place for people to live. What you do is important because the building is responsible for its safety.


It takes a lot of effort to become an architect.

Becomes an architect . The training period is similar to other jobs such as law and medicine. It will take at least eight years to obtain a license in the United States. First, you will need to acquire a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture or a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture for two to three years. You must then complete a program known as the Intern Program (IDP). It will take at least three more years to complete. During this time, I will be working in the architectural office and have a professional experience. You must also pass the Architect Registration Exam (ARE). These are the seven tests that test your skills as architects.

Time and salary

The salary of an architect is not bad, but much less when compared to a job with similar educational and licensing requirements. According to, the average income of an architect is $ 42,000 to $ 113,000, depending on experience. Expect a long time and a lot of stress.

When the economy gets harder, the times are hard.

Construction and construction depend on the economy. If the economy is good, architecture is a good job. Business is growing, and families are improving their homes. This means a ton of new projects for architects. Opportunities disappear when the economy is bad, and many architects find themselves without work.

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