Paralegals – Preparing A Pleadings Index

One of the assistant's obligations is to configure the client files. The law firm keeps the client documents in a folder in the same basic format. There is usually a separate section for correspondence, solicitations and exhibitions. This provision relates to the solicitation clause.

The defense is a legal document submitted to the court. Once the lawsuit is initiated, the petition is processed. Such solicitation copies must be managed by a paralegal in a manner that is quickly identifiable. Why? For example, a lawyer may attend a hearing. The lawyer may have to debate and petition before the judge. Another example is to refer to the information in one petition during the writing of another petition. There is no quick way to find a sentence unless you are using an understandable filing system.

A copy of the file of solicitation is added to a folder or 3 ring binder with holes and prongs. Copies are added in order, starting with the oldest appeal and most recently submitted.

The initial order for the document is now in progress, but it should be easy to find. At this point, the paralegal will be aware of the importance of the solicitation index. The solicitation index is a tabular list of solicitations entered.

Start the document with the style of the case as the top header. I named it "Pleadings Index". Include Page Numbering in Document Format

The index table typically has four columns with the following column headings:

1. Tab number,

2. Raised party;

3. Technology; And

4. Acceptance / Acceptance Date.

The first column is the number assigned to each petition. The first case will be the first document submitted to the case. The solicitation is placed in a folder and the numbered tab divider sheet separates the document. The number on the tab matches the numbered list in the index.

The second column specifies the party that called for the "plaintiff" or "defendant". If there are several plaintiffs or defendants, please specify "Defendant Anderson". Defendant Anderson .

The third column contains the appeal title. Diligent assistants add a little more information if the title is short and common. If the title is just "Orders", enter "Order (Orders Test Date)" or "Registration Notice (Dr. Johnson)" [주문번호:19659002].

The fourth column is the date the document was entered. If the petition is a judge's order or similar instruction, use the date the court clerk entered in the court record. Please use the filing date of the petition sent to your office by another lawyer.

Your company can use abbreviations in the index. As long as the acronym is uniform and generally meaningful, it is okay. Some companies prefer formal phrases without acronyms.

Once the index is ready, drill holes and place the index on top of tabbed entreaties.

If a case arises and more comments are prepared or received, add it to the index and file immediately. Make sure the petition file occurs before the event in the case.

Now the lawsuits are recorded and recorded, making it easier for lawyers to do their jobs. Work is done well!

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