Is Real Estate Appraising a Good Career Right Now? What About the Future?

If I think emotional work is good, I ask almost every day … And what about the future of this industry? Please let me know your current situation first.

The fact that things are not good for our economy is not a secret. We do not see any noticeable stagnation, we are seizing foreclosures, bank closure and taking over the government's Fannie and Freddie.

Simply put, we are in the best time of change.

If this makes you remember …

It is a good opportunity to have a big change.

That's true.

For example … There are many real estate investors selling coins in dollars. In fact, some areas offer options of $ 30,000 to $ 150,000. You have to get out of the crowd's mindset because you can become a thriving person in these times. You need to change your strategy. So let's talk about it in the context of evaluating it …

Do you think emotional evaluation is a good job?

My answer is yes and no.

Let's start with a negative number first …

Feeling is not a good job in my mind at the moment.

Residential and commercial work slowed considerably. In many areas, appraisers are receiving 5 to 10 appraisals per month. You can get an idea by comparing it with 3-10 days a day that they were familiar with.

If you are a trainee and you want to earn money to enter the industry right now, you will have to consider something else. Living as a trainee has no choice right now. But do not discount what will happen in the future. You see most people … regardless of industry, I do not see trends going forward. They did not train themselves to prepare for the coming changes.

This leads us to a positive …

When our economy recovers, admiring will once again become a great job.

The new regulations make it harder to become an appraiser or a number of appraisers who leave the industry … You can imagine that there will be more work than your supervisor can handle.

Just common sense.

Real estate has always existed and is always cyclical. We have had a crisis before and we have recovered and we will meet again. It is true that we have not seen the crisis at this scale, but it means it takes a long time to recover. But we will recover without a complete global disaster.

So I have my advice for trainees who want to get into this industry …

Appraisal assessments need time to learn properly. The old way of learning emotions and entering the industry has disappeared. The supervisor has fewer qualifications. If you are serious about being an appraiser, you need to focus on concentrating yourself for 1-2 years (maybe 3 years) when the market recovers. That means learning to work correctly now. You need to set yourself up as an expert.

The change needed to change the focus of the company. There are almost no trainees before 1 1/2 years ago. Instead of training a large number of trainees, we focus on a few trainees who are serious and have purchased training and contracts with supervisors. The contract allows the supervisor to spend some time and know exactly what they are doing through training.

Remember that a supervisor can only have three trainees at a time. So they want the best. I train them and begin to build business with their customers when they are ready. They have a signed signature / supervisor.

Few people are earning money from the current appreciation, but they are realistic. It is a long time to learn crafts and receive money for it.

Our trainees are working to prepare for the upcoming changes. All trainees should do this. It's like going to a night school. You have to spend time in the day to support yourself and at night to prepare for future job changes. It's not easy, but it's worth it. Prepare the package and start learning it now. Just sit back and hope not to change.

If you are serious about the evaluation, you should take a serious and realistic approach to prepare for the future. Get your knowledge now while the market is collapsing. Do what you need to do now and pay your bills and start with a positive direction in the future. If you wait for the market to return, be aware that there are very few supervisors who are willing to sign for you. Be prepared to pay for services like paying for college for your knowledge. Your business is … business. Everything in the business is negotiable.

Finally … There is a way to earn big money when evaluating now, but there are few ways to utilize it.

Feelings are a great career, but you should be able to diversify in a slow time. Seizure, FHA and real estate business. Begin your business using appraisal to help homeowners avoid seizures. Be a partner with interior designers in high-end homes and make assessments that show the market value before and after the family as part of the service. Use your creativity to diversify.

Get ready for the future, out of the minds of the crowd. There is nothing you can not do!


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