Human Obsolescence

Human aging is a very serious problem in professions that require highly technical skills. Rapid development in technology area leads to technology obsolescence. The aging of the skill leads to the aging of the person (employee), and as a result, the job is lost. This issue should be addressed by all organizations. Continuous learning and grading of knowledge is the only way to solve the problem.

Significance of obsolescence

Obsolescence has been defined to the extent that organizational experts lack the latest knowledge needed to maintain effective performance.

The Role of Organizations

Organizations can provide in-house training, seminars, and trade magazine subscriptions for employee training. When employees are given the opportunity to develop their skills, their sense of belonging to the organization increases. The organization also gets updated and well-staffed staff.

In this case, the role of the organization begins with hiring the right person to do the right thing. If a problem occurs at this stage, all the effort your organization takes to get your staff skills is wasted. Employee replacements enable employees to identify all aspects of their work. It also helps avoid tedious repetitive tasks. Senior managers should argue that they should act as mentors by providing appropriate advice on knowledge adaptation.

Staff Role

Employees should focus on their own development. He has to take action himself to update his knowledge. He must understand that learning is an ongoing process. He has to develop fictional and creative thinking. The age has changed. Organizations can not take care of every employee's needs.

Employees must develop confidence and evaluate themselves on a regular basis. He has to use the Internet and books in the right way to get the latest information from his field.

He needs to set realistic, achievable and appropriate career goals for himself. Employees must capture opportunities from their own standpoints. You should maintain a friendly relationship with your manager to get updated knowledge and details of future opportunities.

In conclusion, human aging is not only an organizational problem, but also a social problem. If you suddenly lose your job, it will emotionally collapse. Suicide and family murder. This is a very serious issue that both the organization and its employees must address. Employees must unite their hands to overcome problems. Organizations should allocate a portion of their profits for training employees with the latest technology. The amount you spend should be treated as an expense, but it must be capitalized when you withdraw well-trained employees in the future. Employees must separate some portion of their income to improve their level of knowledge.

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