How to Find a Job On LinkedIn Fast

Jobs at LinkedIn are much more involved than connections, networking and sharing are job bulletin boards, which are key to success. But that does not mean you do not have a job list like the board you know and love. When I log in to LinkedIn, I am not far away. In fact, when you go to Home> LinkedIn Home, you can see Jobs on the right. LinkedIn is displayed based on keywords in your profile.

Click on the title to go to the following page:

• Full job description;

• The name of the person with the link to the profile.

• The name of your first contact who can introduce you to that person;

• Who is working at your company in your network;

• Links to similar jobs;

• Apply now button.

Click the Apply button to enter a prompt and find a form to attach your resume. When you click Submit, all information, including your LinkedIn profile, will be sent to the recruiter immediately. This is another reason why your profile should be 100% complete. It helps to make a big first impression. (19659002) Search Paid Worklist

After viewing the work that LinkedIn provided through this Silver Platter, you can click Work on the top menu bar and go to the Work Home page. There you can enter keywords like any other job board and find jobs in your area of ​​expertise and wherever you want.

Click the Advanced Search tab to narrow your search. to the right. Here you can select criteria such as industry type, job title, company name, department type, location and when jobs are posted. Premium members can also be sorted by salary range. Enter your criteria and click Search to see your matches.

In that sense, LinkedIn can act like a job board. But the important thing is that I mentioned where I can see everyone on the network.

For example, in the Keywords section, enter Social Media & # 39; and my location is Tampa, but I have many jobs to choose from. So I am Sr. Select Marketing Manger. I see a job description, in this case, 25 people on my network know someone who posts a job. So, click to see who can introduce you. You can change a cold call or a random resume to a warm call.

I can contact my office and request an introduction. The Task List page also has the names of people who work for your company on your network. I approach them and tell them that they have seen the work they have published in their company and they are trying to get information about a job that can catch their position to interview.

You can cross-reference your company with LinkedIn's company page to get valuable information.

Companies in LinkedIn (or any other board) who are in the best toolbox to go to a company when they see a job that appeals to you. On the company home page, enter your company name in the Keyword search box. Then when the company page is displayed, you can see all the connections that work there. Find someone who can share "secret" job requirements with you. Get inside stories about why your job is open and what you are actually looking for in the technology field. You can see the profiles of people who work in your company and see what kind of technology and background you can tell.

Therefore, you can search for jobs from the Jobs Home page, and you can save up to 10 job searches in the Jobs section of the Company Page. Do not know when new things will appear and go around every day to see saved searches.

When you click on the Apply button when you see the job you are applying for, you can enter the cover letter and attach your resume. In some cases, you will be directed to your company's applicant tracking system. Follow the instructions and apply.

Job search in the company section

The company page is a great help in finding a job. If you're targeting a specific company, a great strategy is to view that page. Go to the top toolbar and click Companies> Search Companies to go to the Companies home page. Enter your target company in the search box and visit that page. There you can get news about the company you hire, all the updates from the promoted company, and the companies that you can use in your interviews. You can see who is working on the network in your company network, and you can also find useful information for requesting information interviews.

There is job information. If you click on the Career tab on the Company page (most of it but not all), you can see a list of all paid jobs. For example, if you click on Careers on the Company page of Apple, you will see 45 job listings. Click on a job title to see a full description of the job and clickable buttons. The Jobs Technology page shows the company's first level of connectivity.

It is a truly creative way of finding a job by utilizing information from company pages. As mentioned earlier, each page tells you who has recently been hired. When you see someone who has worked for a company of interest, click on the name of the company you are interested in and visit their profile to see what company they have seen recently. What you have is where you can fill in the skills you have. You probably will not replace them, or you will never know until you approach them and let you know that you are ready to step into the role of the employee who left.

Looking for groups

Another place to look for Job posting is within LinkedIn Groups. Every group has an activity tab where all members can post jobs, and it is highly recommended to look at this tab. Up to this point, I looked at the paid list. As a group manager, not all organizations offer cash to their paid job listings, so you can save money by posting them as a group. My Tampa Bay Marketing Professionals group has received a lot of these posts every day. So they are under the radar. You may be a good job seeker because there are people who look less than a paid job list.

Just go to the group to which you have subscribed to your interests and click the Actions tab. On the Tasks page of the group. LinkedIn promotes paid job listings (they are listed companies with the pressure to make money). So they will only see paid listings at first, ignoring free posts. However, free members posted by group members are on the left of the paid list under the Job discussion. When you click the hyperlink, many open jobs are displayed.

For example, there are eleven posts, including new employees who list many of the tasks currently open in my Tampa group. So do not overlook this feature. You can also create a branch where you can access your own job board by joining a group in your field. When you join 50 groups in your area, there are 50 occupation boards you can explore.

The difference in finding jobs in the Groups workspace is that the list of people working for that company does not have a list of people on the network. But it is very easy to do research on company pages and LinkedIn. Advanced person search should not be a problem when looking for connections from any company.

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