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Feng Shui is an ancient wisdom that originated in ancient China about 3,000 years ago. It is a culture of society and economy, and the implementation of cultural stability leads to generations.

Feng Shui includes studies on landscape, air, space, location, time, sunlight and humidity. It is knowledge about the direction, balance and harmony of the army called chi. It varies from person to person and varies from place to place. People in other places will have different experiences.

Bar Gua or 8 trigrams are a set of symbols representing the universe. Formation and permutation of Ba Gua are related to human problems as well as natural phenomena. Ba Gua is one of the most sacred symbols of ancient Chinese culture. It symbolizes the relationship between heaven, earth and man. It penetrates diverse studies on economics, politics, military science, philosophy, literature, medicine, martial arts and architecture.

We all live under the influence of two inseparable teeth, there is a vast space beyond us that can not be measured, and below us there is the constant force of the earth. This is where we live and raise our family. It is our home.

Here are some free Feng Shui tips for you:

Feng Shui Tip 1: Influence of Home Appliances on Feng Shui

On the auspicious area of ​​housing in Feng Shui, I kept it as wide as possible to flow. In the auspicious field, it should not interfere with the flow of Chi (or Qi). Therefore, large or heavy household items should not be placed there. This is also an important concept in the execution of Vastu Shastra.

In Feng Shui, sound and electric energy have the effect of activating (good or bad) stars. Therefore, the placement of electrical appliances such as televisions, radios, fans or computers can affect the feng shui of your home. This electrical product

should be placed in a street organization. Furnishings that can be placed in unlucky areas include sofas and cupboards.

In general, the left side of the living room is a green dragon, and the right side is a white tiger. White dragons are considered ominous, but green dragons are considered auspicious. Electrical appliances should normally be placed on the left side of the living room and large furniture such as a cupboard or sofa should be placed on the right side of the room.

Feng Shui Tip 2: road road curve

Road in Feng Shui is modern water. Therefore, curvature of the road affects the feng shui of the house. The road that curves away from the house facing the entrance creates a strong negative flow of energy called Shar Chi (Sha Qi) towards the house. Feng shui water represents abundance, so road-like beings will have a negative effect on the inhabitants of the house.

To solve this problem, install a windscreen in front of the entrance to prevent the negative Shar Chi (Sha Qi) from entering the entrance directly.

FoShuiTip3: Long straight road creating SharChi (ShaQi)

The long straight road facing the house in Feng Shui houses Shar Chi (Sha Qi). The longer the road, the stronger Shar Chi (Sha Qi). The residents of the house facing Shar Chi (Sha Qi) are faced with problems such as "bleeding" incidents, such as accidents, surgery or surgery.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to place the windscreen in front of the door or entrance. This will prevent Shar Chi (Sha Qi) coming directly into the house.

Feng Shui Tip 3: Door to Meet with the Other Door

The door to the other door from Feng Shui can make Shar Chi between the two doors. There are four possible scenarios:

(a) The door of the house facing the front door of another house

In this scenario, the detainees in both houses are often tempered and disputed. To solve this problem, place the windscreen in front of the door.

(b) Door to the bathroom door

This scenario happens inside the house. Among the problems of rapid torment and frequent strife, prisoners staying in the room may have digestive or urinary problems. To solve this problem, place the windshield in front of the bathroom door if the room is wide enough. If there is not enough windshield space, simply close the toilet door.

(c) Room facing the kitchen entrance

This scenario is not as problematic as the first two scenarios. Nonetheless, prisoners in the room will be sentenced to accidents and injuries, and if the problem continues over time, the prisoner may suffer a serious accident. To solve this problem, hang the windshield or bead curtain on the kitchen entrance.

(d) Room facing other room

This scenario is the worst of the four cases. Temporary employees can explode from time to time, and office politics often occur when an employer is working in an office environment. To solve this problem, place a bead curtain in front of the room door.

Feng Shui Tip 4: Finding the main gate of auspicious

The main gate plays an important role in the feng shui of the house. It is therefore important that the order is placed in the auspicious field of the house. Generally speaking, the front door should be in a position where a positive value can flow into your home.

If there is a pond or empty space in front of the house, the main door should be located in the center of the house towards the pond or empty space.

If the road slopes past the front of the house from left to right (the left side of the road is longer than the right when viewed from the front of the house), the order should be in the following location: Right on the house facing the road.

If the road passes in front of the house and tilts from right to left (the right of the road is longer than the right when viewed from the front of the house), the order must be in the following location: The left side of the house facing the road.

You can use a windscreen to correct the position of an evil master.

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