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It's about the person you know, not what you know! But what if nobody knows? So what are you going to do? I was invited to hunt and contact. The first rule when looking for a job is finding a job!

Finding a job

If you are unemployed, you should leave at least six to eight hours of working days to support your job, write your contacts, interview, and stay in the industry for the longest. This strategy always gives you a job in a short time. Your goal should be applied to at least three jobs per day. You must maintain a contact list of anyone who is in direct or indirect contact with you.

If you already have a job, you should not get a job. However, if it is urgent to find a new job, it will be more difficult to find the right time for a job search, so you should abandon the time for finding a job.

Analysis of your crafts

You should know your crafts. Understand your skills and what you can do best. Do not judge yourself fairly and underestimate your talents. I know your value. But you know at least the salvation that you are willing to accept.

It is important to know your skills. Knowing this information will help you better understand where you are looking. Finding a job is not only finding the perfect fit, but finding the perfect fit. Investigate salaries for,, and Once you are familiar with payroll, you should keep at least $ 5,000 within that range (for example, if your payroll is $ 45,000, you should look for opportunities within $ 40,000- $ 45,000 or $ 45,000- $ 50,000, Depending on the level of technology).

Preparing your resume

You need to update your current resume or create a new resume. Your original resume is general but must be rich in keywords. The generic version should not contain official greetings to specific parties. You should be able to apply it to all the regular versions of the task without editing it by default. It should be easy to use for quick access and quick application. The generic version is used to post to job bulletin boards so that the employer can view them when searching the database. Editing a resume for a formal greeting should be done at the time of employment application.

When an employer / recruiter searches a resume in the database, he usually uses keywords to find employees, so he wants his resume to be rich with keywords. If your resume has the appropriate keyword density and strategy, your resume is more likely to be returned in search results (for example, if the job you're looking for is a customer service, your resume should focus on keywords) & # 39; ;).

One page resume is the best resume, but in my experience there is a lot of argument that one page resume does not provide enough information for people with a broad background. In this case, it is best not to exceed two pages, except that the job you are applying for depends on information technology or industry details. It is then (best) best to list or add all the products, programs, services, and technologies that you touch, work with, or have knowledge of. At this point, there are still 3 pages or more that you can still have. I saw a very detailed, keyword-rich 5-page resume with a very high response rate.

Never boast or brag about your resume. Be true and list your goals, skills, professional experience, training, and knowledge.

If you do not have the time or ability to create an award-winning resume, invest in a professional resume writing service.

Create contact

The best way to create a contact is to call your employer or recruiter directly. Generally this information is available when you apply for a job online. If you are on a job board site, such as a niche-based job search board such as,, or, it's likely that your job search information page has contact information. If you're applying through an employee site, you can usually find contact information on the site's & # 39; Contact us & # 39; page. Navigation bar. Respect the wishes of employers and recruiters who say they will not contact you by phone.

You need to create a contact for the job you are applying for.

Contact list management

Any employer or recruiter who is directly or indirectly contacting you should be added to your contact list. Your contact list must include your company name, contact name, email address, phone number, and job title. You should also have a field or method that indicates when each contact was last contacted or contacted. This is important, so do not make the mistake of contacting the person you previously talked to. This will help you manage the time between each contact. You must follow up your contact at least once a week, weekly, or business day.

I am unemployed. Out of the loop.

An unemployed person does not mean that it has to be left behind in your industry. You should still be familiar with the industry and use your time wisely. Study your industry market and identify new technologies used in the job industry. Use resources such as the Internet, newspapers, media, friends, and former colleagues to understand what is happening in the job industry. If you have lost your job for months and you do not know about the new applications that are used by all the professionals in the industry, the interviews seem to have no clue as to what you are saying. He claims to be an expert in the industry. Watch the statue and know your things. Even if you are not an expert on it, you have at least basic knowledge.

Do not answer the call

Only one chance to make a good impression. If you are too busy and you are too busy, if you are too busy, see the number you do not recognize and assume it is an employer or recruit, and you should not answer the call. There is nothing worse than a baby crying in the background, a large bulldozer in a nearby construction site, the sound of a flush toilet, a third party conversation in the background, or a no-call zone when an employer hangs up the phone. Recruitment of Egyptian recruits. When the phone rings, you should be able to quickly answer and concentrate on all questions without being interrupted. Otherwise, you must allow the voice mail service to pick up the phone and receive the call more conveniently at a later time.

Take a break.

I suggest takeoff on Friday. Enjoy hiring any job or do not interview today. Have a three-day weekend. The only reason you need to schedule a Friday for an interview is when your employer or recruiter arranges a schedule. Do not disturb the interviewer unless it is life-threatening or very important. You should also get a call on Fridays after some time. If you are too busy to receive calls, you need to set up your voice mail service.


Interviewing is what worked hard for you. Successful interviews are just as important as working. This determines everything. The interview preparation should start with the interview schedule. You need to study the background of your company. You need to be familiar with what your company does. Most of this information is usually found on company websites (sometimes it is buried on the site and may have to be destroyed). You need to prepare questions that the interviewer may have about your company and / or status. You need to be aware of yourself or renew your body as a posture / qualification. And most importantly, you should take at least 8-10 hours of rest before the interview.

You must have at least two business suits / attire for the interview. If you have a second interview, you should be able to switch to another suit. The suit must be one of three colors: black, navy or gray. Make sure you are well organized for the interview.

You should arrive at the interview in about 10-15 minutes early. You should not interview with empty hands. You should have at least a business folder with a notepad paper, a writing pen, and a hard copy of your resume.

When you are interviewing, you should relax. You need to focus, speak well and be sensitive. Get in touch with your interviewer with non-aggressive gaze. Ask about your company and position. Ask your interviewer for your position and company working hours. Why is it possible for the person interviewing and why the last person left the company? Ask the interviewer how quickly they want to fill the job available. If you have questions later, ask the interviewer for a business card or contact method.

Remember yourself and remember Remember that the interviewer is just like you. If you do not get a job, try again until you get a job. Several interviews show your personality and personality. If your resume expresses your skills truthfully and appropriately, the interviewer already knows that you have the ability to handle it.


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