Drug Rehab Success Rates

Google AdWords ads show competition for the most successful rehab center out of the drug rehab program. The truth is, the success rate of this publication is relative. What is the difference between a group and a group that is considered successful?

Some people calculate success based on overall drug use reduction. So even if someone uses drugs about twice a day, it's still called success. Other programs gain rights and measure whether others are not using any drugs at all. It is a true success rate. However, some may stop counting when leaving the program or within the first few months after completion. The longer you measure success and drug-free conditions, the better.

The retention rate is also an element. The retention rate is the number of people who have been enrolled in the program and the percentage of people who actually created it. In general, retention rates above 50% are better than average. The best retention rate for long-term resident programs participating in the National Drug Abuse Treatment Outcomes Study (DATOS) is 65%.

Rehabilitation centers that demand all sorts of success rates can be confusing. The key to finding out which is right is to see what they think is a success. In other words, do you think that the person who simply completed his program was successful? Do they think someone who attends the meeting (whether clean or not) has succeeded? Or worse, do they actually put on any type of addictive alternative medication and still think it's a success? For example, methadone maintenance can be. Some programs may still consider success if they are no longer heroin but drink and eat methadone.

The conclusion is confusing or not tied up with print until you know the truth. We can help the program determine how success rates are reported and whether they are worth the time and money. Not all long-term drug rehabilitation programs produce the same results.

Most addiction treatment centers do not print or tell what success rates are. Because of this lack of benchmarking, some rehabilitation centers follow their own follow-up interviews to see how their program is doing in daily life. Based on their discovery, this is how they usually deliver their success rate.

What should I look for as a consumer? What are measured to determine success? If your program does not increase your success rate, find out what your success criteria are. It is also important to look at other factors in your life to determine success. These are things like other crimes or recent arrests, part-time or full-time employment, relationships with family and friends.

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