Career as a Garbage Man

There are many important things in our civilization, and garbage collection is definitely one of them. In fact, it is a very important responsibility to protect our civilization from disease and to create a layer of soil that can bring all kinds of terrible problems to society. And one of the most important jobs and careers at this point is that you are either a garbage man or a woman. Because we can keep our civilization clean and safe.

If you tell your kids that you grow up too often, you tell them that you have to go to college while they say the wrong thing, and if you get a degree, you will throw away the trash. Well, maybe it's one way to stay in school, be motivated by fear, get a degree and enter the United States, but in fact it's a big inconvenience for men and women picking up garbage days and weekdays. What can be imagined without them?

For example, in NYC, when the garbage union strikes and the garbage is piled up, was the rats and rodents all over the place a problem? Simply, garbage collection is important to us. The truth is that college students with a business degree have less money than garbage. Usually people who make garbage often earn $ 35,000 a year. And the average degree holder starts at about $ 26,000. You really can do great things like garbage collection.

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