Career As a Forensic DNA Analyst


Forensic DNA analysis work is related to certain duties in the forensic field. However, a person with this career must complete only one task. So he is not someone who wants to do something different every day. Nevertheless, if you are fascinated with DNA and want to become an expert on one thing, this career can be a good choice.

Job Description:

In short, a DNA technician is responsible for sampling, testing, and interpreting the results of a DNA test. This test is performed to verify the identity of the person behind the crime. Most forensic DNA analyzes work in local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies or government agencies.

When the DNA test is done, the DNA analyst collects the sample. Ranging from skin cells taken off the scene of a crime to hair follicles found in all of the crime scene. Forensic DNA analyzer isolates DNA strands in it. He performs a real DNA test and determines the test results. Subsequent known samples are compared against unknown samples to ensure they match. Other duties of the DNA analyst include testimony to DNA discovery and interpretation at court trials as expert witnesses.

Training requirements:

Minimum education requirements include degrees or bachelor’s degrees in chemistry, biology or other forensic studies. Candidates must also complete molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and statistics. It is also advantageous if the candidate receives forensic and criminal justice training visit more jobs 2018 also share your experience wtih us .

Forensic DNA Analyst Salary:

Forensic DNA work is a job that is favorable to adventurous people. The average annual salary for forensic DNA analysis is $ 47,000 to $ 60,000, depending on length of experience, company or sector, and the educational qualifications of the candidate. The number of forensic training or courses completed by the candidate may also affect your salary.

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